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WEDDING and EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY IS my MISSION, my TALENT AND my ART How to understand that the wedding photographer you have chosen is the right one for you? Look at their portfolio and then, if you are satisfied with what you see, just meet him. You will know right away you made the right choice. The one who understands what you want from your special day; who sees every moment you would like to keep in your memory forever. I know how important it is to present clients with the most amazing images they can imagine. Being privileged to do this again and again is my greatest reward! The feeling is best conveyed in my client reviews section. After professionally photographing for over nine years, the Florida coastline is constantly inspiring me to create better and better wedding memories.  PLEASE CALL OR WRITE ANYTIME TO DISCUSS YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY NEEDS:  941-328-8588


EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: Two hours photographic coverage including DVD with edited images, written copyright release, and online gallery is $400. Additional hours are $125 per hour. Specials may be available.

PORTRAIT or ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: $69 in or near studio, $99 at beach or your location. This includes 1 hour of photography time, unlimited wardrobe changes. Also included are the edited high-resolution images on CD and online proofing/album. I'm located in North Central Sarasota County. Engagement photography near studio is free with wedding photography contract.

REAL ESTATE AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: Available-please call for rates. Each situation is unique.


Tom, You are incredible you truly have a gift, your pictures have left me speechless. They are amazing!!!! every single one of them WOW, Wow that’s all I can say. You are really a master in your trade you have no idea how lucky I feel I found you. Thank you, thank you so much for your hard work, beautiful images, experience, friendliness, and great prices. We will recommend you to whoever needs a photographer that’s for sure. Sincerely, Xio 10-18-13

 Just wanted to thank you for the great pictures. I received the cd a few days ago and was blown away by the pics!! Amazing. Best of luck in your future endeavors. -Amber

I have to say you did an absolutely phenomenal job. All the shots of the ceremony were awesome. I wasn’t even aware you were there and you got shots of everything. They are beautiful. You captured everything. You were so fun to work with and so unobtrusive I don’t know how you were able to get some of the shots you did. I can’t say enough about how great you did. -Linda

Tom was great, especially with the last minute changes we made for our wedding event. He worked well with everyone and captured truly beautiful moments. We would always suggest using Tom for special events and I hope he continues to do well in his business. His assistant was great too, I don't want to forget about her! She took some wonderful shots and everyone has been commenting on how truly wonderful the pictures came out. We used Tom for our engagement photos and our wedding pictures and hope to use him again for other events. -Clarice 2009 We had a chance to look through, and the pics are great! You did a fantastic job. Thanks again for being a great photographer. You were wonderful to work with, and everyone agreed. You gave good direction to produce beautiful photographs, and had a great personality to boot!

  Hey Tom, We are so appreciative of everything that you have done for us. The pictures were more than we could have imagined. How in the world did you catch the bouquet in the air in four different shots? You got shots of Paulette walking down the aisle from the front and the back in the same place. My family was amazed. Thank you so much. -Paulette and Kirk

Hi Tom, We love all the photos and the video is awesome. You and your team did an outstanding job! Thank you so much. I'll let you know in a few weeks which pics I'd like for the albums. Thanks again! Beth

 Tom, I got the DVD's today. You did a fine job , and I'm very pleased with it. It gave me a chance to see what I had missed as there was so much going on, and I couldn't take it all in. I did have a wonderful time though and can't wait to do it again. Hopefully, you'll have two more of my weddings to do in the future. :) I like the DVD jacket, too. Please use me as a reference if need be. And if you need to use the DVD for promotion , please feel free to do it. Take care and enjoy the holidays. Thanks again for your professional services all the way around. June

Pete and I just wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did at our wedding and the final result of our pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! If we ever have a big event we will be sure to contact you!!! We could not be happier! -Sarah & Pete

Tom was the photographer for my sons’ B’nai Mitzvah and I recommend his services highly. He showed up an hour before the service just to make sure that everything was set and he was able to take many photos then. He managed to get shots of everyone at both the service and our party afterward. I chose to have the photos in a digital format and he gave me over 800 photos. One of the really difficult shots is when you have 30 or more family members In a picture. It is difficult to get everyone looking at the camera, with a smile, etc. He got not just one shot but multiple large group shots that now my family will have forever. Tom is definitely going to be my photographer at my next event! --Christina G.

Hi Tom, Just wanted to say that we thought you did a outstanding job with our wedding pictures. You were very easy to work with and appriciate that you were open to any suggestions that we had. Thank you so much for the great job and look forward to working with if we need portraits done. Thanks again -Eric and Kamila

 Tom, Wanted to let you know that the albums came in and they are beautiful. I really love how the parent albums turned out too. Thanks so much for everything. It has been such a pleasure working with you. Thanks again and all the best, Adina and Noah 8/20/11

Thank you Tom-I was blown away by the beauty of the photos-you truly captured the joy I was feeling that evening! Very happy Sue contacted you... Regards, Cheryle 8/26/11

Tom - thank you for the amazing pictures of our beach wedding! We really appreciate you getting every shot we requested, plus many, many more we never thought of! Sending us out the DVD of the high resolution pics SO quickly after the event was a HUGE bonus to us! This will allow us to get our personalized thank you cards out promptly (as we are including a picture on the card). We have no hesitation at all in highly recommending Tom Shane Photography! Working with Tom was a GREAT experience! - Alecia 10/10/11

Tom took photographs of our wedding in February 2011 at the Ringling Museum of Art. It was a wonderful experience to meet him and work with him. He was so friendly and professional; I felt like I could smile for him tirelessly all day! He also made me feel so much at ease and was very comfortable to talk to. He created a variety of shots that had beautiful composition and clarity without looking purposely posed. I was so extremely pleased with his product and fair pricing that I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone needing a professional photographer. -Heidi

  The photography of my daughter’s wedding captured the emotions of the moment. You connect with your client and the event. That is the big difference at any price. We have our largest ever band event this January that I would like you to shoot. Guess I had better book you early while you're still available. -Don 10/11

 Tom, Thank you so much for everything you did for our wedding! The photos are amazing and we are very pleased with your work. We received the album and just as we expected, it's wonderful. We cannot thank you enough. We have picked out the two images we would like 11x14 prints: 100811_0556 and 100811_0277. Seriously Tom, you did a great job. We wish you the best of luck. Sincerely, Sara & Chris 11/11

Tom we are very happy with the portraits, you did a very nice job. We also want to thank you for your quick yet careful and professional work; we were even able to view the photos as a family before the kids departed. In a few days we are going to contact you to let you know which photos we want you to edit. My son posted some of the photos on facebook and has received an enormous amount of compliments about them. We will surely recommend you to all of our friends! Thank you very much, -Elena 11-30-11

We found Tom Shane to be excellent value for his price and were impressed immediately with his previous work. Tom was able to travel to our location in Gulfport from Sarasota. He was very flexible with our schedule as we had to make numerous changes. His professionalism showed by arriving to our venue early as did his experience as a photographer. The wedding day goes so fast that without our photographer Tom there it would be a blur trying to remember. He captured in a timeline those special moments. Tom was able to make our guests feel at ease taking numerous pictures of guests, special family requests and many candid moments. We are more than pleased to recommend Tom to any future couples! -Dena 12/11

  Looking through all my beautiful wedding pictures, my favorite thing probably more than the pictures themselves is that the photographer caught our personalities in every single picture. ♥ I'm so in love with every one of them! -Anna 12/11

Wonderful Photography posted 6/20/2012 by Julie Tom took over 700 images of my wedding and they came out so beautiful. He caught moments and expressions to die for. And I can honestly say that aside from the posed pictures after the ceremony and at the reception venue, I never saw him or his assistant (except when I went to hug them goodbye). The only thing I can say after viewing the pictures is that he was an absolute ninja - we never saw him coming and he caught EVERYTHING! To get the shots he did without being obtrusive to us and our guests is nothing short of amazing! TEN STARS!!! Definitely recommend him - he is wonderful and he will bend over backwards to come up with any sort of package that will work with what you want and your budget. Great Service posted 11/12/2012

I used Tom as my videographer; he brought in a 2nd camera guy as a bonus (we had only contracted for 2 cameras; 1 on a stand & 1 manned). He came to the rehearsal dinner for a few hours to capture speeches & toasts. Thanks again, Donna & Joshua

Our wedding was perfect! The set up was beautiful, I loved the colors. The photographer, Tom, was amazing. He did a fabulous job we were very happy. The only time it rained the entire weekend happened to occur at the end of the ceremony, but we just ran to the limo bus and waited it out for 5 minutes. It left us with a beautiful rainbow and gorgeous sky though so it was worth it! -Lauren & Chris 4/13

Hi Tom, Brent and I want to thank you so much for the excellent pics you took of our wedding. We are very pleased. We would recommend you to anyone. You are such a nice person and easy to work with making our day perfect and relaxing! Thanks again! 5-3-13

From my cousin Hannah: Tommy- We can't thank you enough for the gift of photography you gave us on one of the most important days of our lives. You were able to capture priceless moments we can now look back on. You're amazing! We love you and hope to see you soon! Hannah & Nathan married Sept. 2012

Dear Tom, Thank you so much for doing the photos at the Chanukah event! Your positive & upbeat attitude was so inspiring & we are so grateful for all that you've done. May Hashem bless you with many years of health and happiness! Sincerely, Rabbi Sholom & Rivka


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